Lindsay Lohan Collaborating with Bryan Adams

February 27, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Collaborating with Bryan Adams

Lindsay Lohan seems like she’s finally serious about getting back to work! She’s rumored to be teaming up with Lily Allen for a duet on her next album, and now we hear she’s collaborating with Bryan Adams!

The two are apparently friends, and Lindsay is even staying with him at his luxurious pad in Chelsea, an area of London. And of course, Samantha Ronson is there as well.

The two girls are there for a little vacation, but also to start work on a new track for Lindsay’s album which is supposedly coming out later this year.

A source tells the London Paper, “She’s really keen on making another album. Last time she was in town, she spoke to Bryan about working together. She loves his music and wants to write some songs with him.”

As much as we would never expect this collaboration to happen, we like it! Despite Lindsay’s failing career, she does have talent. At least she’s taking the steps to surround herself with successful people who are willing to help her get back on track! Plus, hopefully Adams will influence Lindsay to do more rock and less cheesy pop stuff.