Lindsay Lohan Sues Pitbull

August 19, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Sues Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan is suing Pitbull for making fun or her. Are you kidding me? "No, I am not kidding you" says the internet. Lohan has just sued rapper Pitbull for an off-colored line in his hit song, "Give Me Everything."

She's also suing Ne-Yo and Afrojack, who co-wrote the song for this lyric, "Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein, keep flowin'/I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

Yah, duh, she went to jail. He's simply stating a fact. Can you sue people for talking about things that actually happened? Apparently Lindsay thinks so.

Lohan says the lyrics are harmful and defamatory and claims in the lawsuit, "the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff."

The only person doing "irreparable harm" to Lindsay Lohan is Lindsay Lohan. For such a hard partying girl, Lindsay is such a party pooper. Has she never listened to rap music before? That's the whole appeal, they get to say sh-t about people and get away with it! That's essentially the basis for the entirety of Eminem's career. Actually don't you remember LiLo when Eminem made fun of you at the MTV VMA's? I guess Lindsay is just a selective hater.

Apparently under New York civil rights laws, people are protected from having their names exploited for commercial purposes. Lindsay also argues that by having her name appear in the song, she is being wrongfully associated with Pitbull. Who cares? Pitbull seems like a chill dude, he probably doesn't even party as hard at LiLo, Pitbull should be afraid of being associated with Lindsay and not the other way around. Lindsay's name in the song "causes [Lindsay] to be associated and identified in connection with defendants," claims the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks that Pitbull stop broadcasting the song and seeks unspecified damages.

Though this isn't Lindsay's first lawsuit for someone using her name. Lindsay sued E-Trade for one of their talking baby commercials. One of the babies in the commercial was named "Lindsay" and was referred to as a "milkoholic," so Lindsay sued the company because she claims the commercials "were actually portraying (Lohan) and her grown-up friends."

How vain do you have to be to hear your own (very common) name and think, "omigod they're talking about me"? I like to think I know a thing-or-two about celeb gossip, but when I saw those commercials I absolutely did not make the connection to Lindsay Lohan.

At this point, no publicity is bad publicity. Since Lindsay Lohan can't even hold down film roles, suing people is the next best thing apparently? A girls gotta put bread on the table, right?