Lindsay Not Cooperating With Timbaland

April 3, 2008 By:
Lindsay Not Cooperating With Timbaland

Lindsay seems to have her act together with the no drugs and no booze thing, but she's reportedly causing problems with her upcoming album.

As of right now, the album isn't going to out on time because she's not being cooperative. She's canceled two important meetings with producer Timbaland, which is a huge no-no considering his status and crazy schedule.

Friends of Lindsay's however are saying that Lindsay is on track for a fall release. "She already has four songs [completed]. It'll be a fall release and they're looking to sneak a single to radio this summer."

Her rep also denies the "uncooperative" rumors saying, "There's no truth to it."

Lindsay better figure out a way to be more reliable, or no one's going to want to work with her! It's not like she has the best track record either