Lindsay's Album Is A Spirit in the Dark

December 22, 2008 By:
Lindsay's Album Is A Spirit in the Dark

Remember the album Lindsay Lohan was supposed to release? Well, she’s reportedly too busy following Samantha Ronson around to put the finishing touches on her album, Spirit in the Dark.

The album, which has special appearances by Ne-yo, Akon and Pharrell Williams, was supposed to be released in November, but obviously that didn’t happen because we are approaching a new year and still no signs of a Lindsay album.

Inside sources are saying, “Lindsay’s spending all her spare time with Sam. Execs are tearing their hair out trying to pin her down.”?

WE really hate to say this because we think Lindsay Lohan is really talented, but she seems to be the new Tara Reid. She gets so many great opportunities but seems to always screw it up.

Ne-Yo who worked on the album with Lindsay even credited her for being so talented saying, "It's a quality record. One that I didn't think she was going to be able to pull off. Again, I will admit that. Straight up and down. I had to eat my words. I tried to call her and apologize for the assumption."

Maybe its just laziness?