Stars React to Lindsay Lohan Making an Album

September 16, 2010 By:
Stars React to Lindsay Lohan Making an Album

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on an album as part of her big comeback in Hollywood. It’s not her first foray in music, but it has been a few years since she’s been in the recording studio.

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY with her new manager Larry Rudolph, Akon, Audrina Patridge and Flo Rida at the VMAs to hear their thoughts on Lindsay’s decision to get back into music.

We asked Larry Rudolph if he was going to be working with Lilo on this project, and he told us, “Yes.”

Akon, who’s worked with huge superstars like Lady Gaga, even seemed positive about the idea. “She has the great image for it,” he said of Lindsay. “She can definitely create the controversy behind it to sell it.”

Flo Rida even said he’d be interested in doing a collaboration with Lindsay. “Anybody passionate about music, Flo Rida’s down for it."

Even Audrina Patridge seemed to be on Team Lindsay. Lindsay has a good heart,” she told Hollyscoop. “And I think she has a great chance of making a comeback.”

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