LL Cool J Taking a Break from Singing

July 13, 2009 By:
LL Cool J Taking a Break from Singing

LL Cool J is taking a breaking from singing to pursue his acting career. He was still singing??

LL scored a gig on the TV drama NCIS, so he's going to take a hiatus from rapping so he can focus on his new show.

He says, "It's not a coronation, it's the beginning of a journey... You're joining one of the most popular franchises on the number one network. I tried a couple of things that didn't feel like they were ready. When it feels right, it feels right...

"It's fun to do new stuff. It's fun to be the new kid on the block. Instead of being the Godfather of Rap when you walk into the room, you're the new guy with the new show.

"Acting is a wonderful, wonderful exercise and a wonderful thing to experience. It's like playing with G.I. Joes when you're a kid and imagining you're in a battle. That's real fun."

We can hardly recall the last song LL sang, so maybe taking a break from singing isn't such a bad idea after all.