Does Taylor Swift Have Competition as Lorde's Ultimate BFF?

January 12, 2015 By:
Does Taylor Swift Have Competition as Lorde's Ultimate BFF?
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Move over Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence is Lorde's newest BFF.

Lorde rocked a sexy pantsuit and slicked back hair to the Golden Globe Awards show last night. Even though her song "Yellow Flicker Beat" lost the title for "Best Original Song" to Common and John Legend's "Glory", she's not letting it bring her down. The incredibly young, but incredibly talented singer is already working on a new record. 

The new music, unfortunately, will not be for the forthcoming final film. Lorde's relationship with the "Hunger Games" is going to be a one-time only kind of deal. She broke the news at the Golden Globes that she will not be curating another soundtrack for the "Hunger Games".

As for her relationship with Jennifer Lawrence? it's not stopping anytime soon. Lorde got to know J-Law during her time working on the soundtrack. She considers J-Law a friend, and even a role model. Lorde gushed, "She's rad, she's really cool. It's cool to have a kind of role model who's doing a similar thing."

See Lorde talk about J-Law at 0:30: