Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies With the Sound Off’ Brings Reviewer Love

June 26, 2013 By:

It hasn’t quite been the sensation of his record-making debut Blue Slide Park, but for coming out the same week that both J. Cole and Kanye West decided to drop LPs Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With the Sound Off didn’t do too shabby in sales. (101,795 so far, to be exact.)

Critics seemed content with it, too. They applauded the album for staying true to the classic Mac Miller antics presented in that previous 2011 introduction, as well as the collection of mixtapes that proceeded it.

“Now in possession of a clearer sense of his own identity, the stoned haze of cloud-rap engulfs Miller’s rhymes as he undercuts the fug with animated lyrics and a keen sense of humour…” — NME

“‘Objects in the Mirror'’ and 'Aquarium' are surprisingly self-reflective, but the dumb-fun party jams are half as infectious as before, and twice as misogynistic” — Entertainment Weekly

Some did think those antics went a little far, though…

“His thematic choices and execution sometimes remain marred by bad judgment and immaturity, and his lightweight, life-of-the-party personality is basically absent, which morphs his sketches of young fame, chemical dependence and sexual revelry into introspective dirges with darkly moody protagonists and oppressive misogyny.” — Idolator

Watching Movies With the Sound Off earns a sturdy 7.3 rating, which should be enough to convince you it’s time to stop repeating Yeezus a hot second and give Mac Miller your attention for a change 

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