Answers: Name Dat Tune — Beach Edition

May 22, 2013 By:

Here are the answers to Name Dat Tune — Day at the Beach Edition.

1.   Macklemore and Ryan Lewis — "Can't Hold Us"
2.   Queen "Bicycle Race"
3.   U2 "Throw Your Arms Around the World"
4.   Ellie Goulding "Every Time You Go"
5.   Lil' Kim "The Beehive"
6.   Justin Timberlake "Summer Love"
7.   Kenny Chesney "Anything But Mine"
8    Janet Jackson "Spending Time With You"
9.   B-52s "Rock Lobster"
10. David Bowie "Heros"
11. Madonna "Swim"
12. Aerosmith "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"
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10-12: You’re a melody maestro. Friends and foes alike should bow down to your greatness and worship your mad skills. You’re legendary, especially on trivia night.
6-9: You’re an opening act. Maybe you just signed to a label, or maybe you just got lucky and found your way to the spotlight tonight. Either way, your skills left an impression. We might even buy your EP.
3-5: You’re a punk kid. You march to the beat of your own drum, even if that drum is out of rhythm from time to time.
Under 3: You’re a roadie. Despite big dreams of sparkling lights and yacht parties, the closest you’ll ever come to the main stage is during the load-in. Don’t quit your day job.