YouTube All-Stars: Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ Remixed With Kitchen Utensils

May 29, 2013 By:

Something about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis really gets the creative juices flowing for fans. Last week we witnessed an artist painting a picture of the Seattle-born MC using only a microphone. Today, while doing our mandatory nerd-rounds on reddit, we came across this guy putting a new spin on the recording duo’s new single “Can’t Hold Us” with things like a microwave, a washing machine, and glasses of colorful liquid. 

This guy is actually Stony, a L.A.- and Iceland-based artist who, according to his Twitter profile, is part producer, part actor, and part musician. (Judging by the license plate in the opening image, this video was filmed overseas.)

On the YouTube post, Stony writes:

“This video features REAL life sounds. Please help me get this to @Macklemore and @RyanLewis on twitter!”

A single camera follows the artist as he exits the car, climbs up his stairs, stomps through a house, then leaves. Sounds that occur along the way are looped to recreate the new track, which we’re willing to bet you’d have a hard time deciphering from the one on the radio right now.

Check out Stony’s masterpiece below.