Madonna Films Music Video in Florence

June 19, 2012 By:
Madonna Films Music Video in Florence

Hot off her planned nipple slip stunt, Madonna jetted off to Florence, Italy to film her new music for “Turn Up The Radio.”

Madonna is still dressing a little call-girlish, and by that I mean, Victoria’s Secret push-up bra, t-shirt pulled down below her bra, high-waisted leather shorts, fishnet tights, and black Louboutin heels.

It seems like the video is taking place at an Italian gas station while Madonna sits on the back seat of an oldey-timey convertible.

Judging by the vintage vehicle, Madonna’s bouffant style hairdo, and her cat-eye glasses, it appears as if the video is meant to be taking place in the past. A retro-feel, if you will.

Actually, in a photo tweeted by her manager Guy Oseary last week, Madonna looks like she’s trying to recreate a “Jersey Shore” type scene. All her dancers are dressed up tanned and tacky like a bunch of guidos.

Madonna’s young boyfriend was spotted walking around shirtless on set. Isn’t he supposed to be a dancer? Why doesn’t she hire him like J.Lo did? Just thinking out loud here.

Madonna is currently on tour, making some time to film the video in between dates.

The song was produced by her longtime collaborator Martin Solveig and “Give It 2 Me” music video director Tom Munro is reportedly shooting the video.