Britney Loses It for Madonna

July 11, 2008 By:
Britney Loses It for Madonna

We already knew that Britney Spears was going to shoot a video for Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet" tour, but rumor has it she might make a cameo during the opening show. Brit already shot scenes for the video, and we hear its crazy--literally!

"Britney walks into the elevator wearing a black hoodie, and you can't see it's her at first," the source adds. "As the elevator goes up, it becomes clear it's Britney and she's anxious and nervous."

When she realizes she's trapped, she "starts to kick the wall and hit things," the source adds. "At one point she screams into the camera."

She ends the video by saying, "It's Britney Bitch."

You can either pay $300+ to go to the concert to see Brit lose it, or you can save your cash and youtube it instead.