Britney Spears Featured on Madonna's New MDMA Album?

February 10, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Featured on Madonna's New MDMA Album?

Rumer has it that Britney Spears may be teaming up with Madonna on her new album MDMA! Someone leaked a photo of the album sleeve of Madonna’s new album and the first track is apparently called “Girls Gone Wild” and next to the title it says, “featuring Britney Spears.”

Oh mah gawww. This is going to be just like “Me Against The Music” except Britney is way crazier, less good at singing, and probably not going to dance at all in the music video. But still, this is awesome, especially for kids of the 90’s who still believe that Britney is the princess of pop, even though now she’s more like the princess of the combination tacobell/pizza hut.

So anyways, it turns out it was just a rumor. When Ryan Seacrest asked Madge about the rumors of Spears appearing on the song, Madonna replied: "Is Britney on what track? No, it's just little old me. She could come on stage and perform it with me if she wants."

Other tracks listed on the leaked album cover include a song called “Some Girls” featuring Nicki Minaj and "B-Day Song" featuring M.I.A.

Britney, Nicki, and M.I.A? This could potentially be an awesome album, I don’t even care that Madonna is like 60 or whatever.

In related news, the rumored Britney song, “Girls Gone Wild” is being sued by the “Girls Gone Wild” show creator Joe Francis, also know as the guy who gets college girls to take off the tops and make-out with chicks, THAT GUY.

So anyways, Francis says that phrase is his “trademark” of the brand and sent Madonna a cease and desist letter, claiming, “Your misappropriation of my clients’ trademark will not be tolerated.”

So that’s happening, also we’re taking bets on the Madonna and Britney Spears alleged new song and if they are going to kiss at the VMA’s, because if so that would be very “girls gone wild” of them and Joe Francis would be very proud.