DJ Deadmau5 Calls Madonna an Idiot

March 26, 2012 By:
DJ Deadmau5 Calls Madonna an Idiot

Here’s the bottom line, Deadmau5, the DJ that wears giant mouse ears on his head, has just called Madonna a “f-cking idiot.”

Here are the details. For reasons unknown to most, Madonna made an appearance at Ultra Music Festival 2012 which is an Electronic Dance Music festival slash rave. So Madonna’s presence there was totally random. Anyways, the queen of pop showed up wearing hot pants, arm warmers, and a half-top and gave a small speech about doing drugs and why EDM music is super great.

“How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” says Madonna, referring to the drug ecstasy,” Are you ready to dance? Are you ready for the next DJ, motherf-ckers?”

So anyways, this happened and Deadmau5 is not impressed.

“Very classy there Madonna. ‘HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY??” the DJ writes on facebook, “such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra. Quite the f’n philanthropist. But hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! F-cking cant smack my head hard enough right now.”

Even though ecstasy (or Molly, as Madonna put it) and raves are pretty much synonymous, I think Deadmau5 is blasting her for a) being irresponsible about drugs (?) and also b) trying too hard! However, doesn’t he know that her new album is called “MDMA” as in ecstasy?!

“Seriously, I giveth not a f-cking single F-CK for slating on madonna for reaching an entirely NEW level of idiocy,” says Deadmau5, “I can appriciate her meteoric career, and all good deeds done, but WHAT THE F-CK WAS THAT? That’s your big contribution to EMD? That’s your big message to ultra attendees? Hipsterspeak for looking for drugs? F-ck off you f-cking IDIOT. F-ck.”

I think it’s safe to assume that Deadmau5 will NOT be purchasing Madonna’s new album, “MDMA” then?