Hear Madonna's New Track "Superstar"

March 13, 2012 By:
Hear Madonna's New Track

Madonna has just leaked a 1-minute teaser for her new song, “Superstar” and well…le sigh…let’s just get into it.

So, Madonna used to be a popstar that made fun and edgy songs that showcased a sexy and unique side of popular music. Then somewhere around the “Ray of Light” album she adopted this breathy talk-sing style and all her music got glazed over with a house music vibe.

Her new song “Superstar” is very much that.

The song is about how her beau is a “superstar.” On the chorus she trills, “Oh la la, you’re my superstar/ Oh la la I love the way you are/You’re my angel, bringing peace to my night.”

So those are the lyrics and I can’t help but think that this song would make more sense if Miley Cyrus recorded it in 2008. We’re supposed to believe that Madonna is singing about an adult relationship? Sure, why not.

Her love interest in the song is such a superstar she compares him to famous men like, Al Capone, Julius Caesar, and Abraham Lincoln. So her guy simultaneously is a mob boss, a Roman general, and a really tall president with a large hat?

Here are some more lyrics to tide you over, “I’m your biggest fan, it’s true/ Hopelessly attracted to you/You can have the password to my phone/ you can have a massage when you get home.”

The password to her phone? Shut up!

So far, Madonna has released the single “Girl Gone Wild” and has teased snippets of “I’m Addicted” and “Gang Bang.”