Lady Gaga Rejects Madonna's Invite To Join Her on Stage

November 6, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Rejects Madonna's Invite To Join Her on Stage

Madonna, on her ongoing quest for eternal youth/relevancy disguised as a multi-million dollar concert, continues to get shady on her most predictable rival Lady Gaga, this time dragging her Little Monsters into the mix.

Two nights ago, at a St. Paul, Minnesota arena show, Madonna said on stage, “I have the best fans in the world! So take that, Lady Gaga,” with a devilish laugh. “No, I’m just kidding. You know, I invited her to sing with me on stage, but she turned me down. It’s okay, I’ve been rejected before. It’s good to build character.”

Apparently, the “Hung Up” singer is still all hung up and twisted over being snubbed by the pop star who she (along with anyone with ears) claims copied her “Express Yourself” single, following the release of “Born This Way.” This is supposedly where it all started, but it’s hard to keep up with the back and forth between the two and their constant referencing of one another, especially on Madonna’s end.

Madonna did seem to be over it when she appeared on Ellen’s talk show and said the following, “I know everyone’s waiting on the edge of their seats for this, so I’m playing this one out…Good voice.” But, because it’s her specialty, when no one’s on the edges of their seats anymore, Madonna has to stir it up again. Hopefully, however, this is the last of these digs. It’s getting kind of old.

Watch the video below. Appears to have already wrought the wrath of Gaga’s Little Monsters—the clip already has a greater number of “dislikes” than “likes”: