Madonna Bans Robyn From Talking To Her

October 9, 2008 By:
Madonna Bans Robyn From Talking To Her

What’s with Madonna banning people lately? She recently banned Sarah Palin from attending her concerts, and now she’s lashed out at singer Robyn, who was her opening act during the European leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour.

Robyn says she and her crew were told by Madge’s reps not to approach her during the tour.

She tells a Swedish newspaper, "I hadn't expected any glamour, but it's strange that they assume that the first thing you're gonna do is run after Madonna and ask for an autograph."

It’s sad to hear it straight from the singer that toured with Madonna that she acts like that. That’s when you know you should just pack things up and stop performing. It’s like it’s gotten to be a hassle for her. And she seems so angry! This, plus the Sarah Palin thing, plus the weird Hitler video. Madonna is so odd now!