Madonna Debuts New Single "Girl Gone Wild"

February 27, 2012 By:
Madonna Debuts New Single

Madonna debuts the second single, “Girl Gone Wild,” off her highly anticipated 12th studio album “MDMA.”

“Girl Gone Wild” is not to be confused with “Girls Gone Wild” which is something else entirely.

The song is catchy enough. I could probably listen to this song on repeat and not hate it.

Basically, “Girl Gone Wild” is just another “club-ready/fist in the air/can I get a vodka red bull”-type song performed by your average 53-year-old woman. I mean, what mother of four doesn’t go to the club and morph into a bad girl at night, it’s just your regular pop song. Nothing new here, folks, everyone over the age of 40 makes this kind of music.

The lyrics aren’t exactly brilliant, “Girls say just wanna have fun/get fired up like smokin’ gun/All the fortune, daylight comes/Girls they just wanna have some fun.”

What does “all the fortune, daylight comes” mean? Does their fortune run out once the sun comes up? How much fortune are we talking about, really?

So far, we only have the lyric video to tide us over until Madonna hopefully debuts the actual music video. However, unlike “Give Me All Your Luvin” this single does not feature any guest talent. I'm just throwing out names here, but Ke$ha would have been a perfect addition to this song, singing about getting drunk and crazy at night is kind of in her wheelhouse.