Madonna is Pissed at M.I.A. for Super Bowl Flip Off

February 7, 2012 By:
Madonna is Pissed at M.I.A. for Super Bowl Flip Off

In case you haven’t heard, Madonna performed at the Super Bowl half-time show and during the performance M.I.A, who is featured on the track “Give Me All Your Luvin,” flipped off the audience. Gasp, indeed!

Anyways, Madonna is reportedly livid and M.I.A may have to pay any fines if the FCC decides to charge NBC for what we’re referring to as the “finger malfunction.”

According to sources, M.I.A signed a contract with the NFL where she agreed to pay if the NFL is subject to any potential FCC fines. M.I.A must be loaded with cash if she agreed to that contract, either that or she truly made the obscene gesture in the heat of the moment as NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy has previously stated.

A source close to Madonna told the Sun newspaper, “Madonna wasn’t impressed. She prides herself on professionalism.”

True. Madonna plans this elaborate stage musical, with gladiator costumes, guest performances, tons of dancers and then M.I.A goes and flips off the audience. I love M.I.A, usually, but c’mon, this is the Super Bowl, this ‘aint the side stage at an outdoor hipster music festival.

“M.I.A did nothing similar in rehearsals. Nobody knew she was going to pull this stunt,” adds the source, “Madonna wanted to put on a world-beating performance. But everyone ended up talking about this girl’s middle finger.”

However, the source ads that M.I.A is “incredibly sorry” and that she got “caught in the moment.”

Let’s just say, I highly doubt M.I.A is going to be invited to go on Madonna’s world tour.