Madonna Releases Teaser For MDNA

January 27, 2012 By:
Madonna Releases Teaser For MDNA

Yesterday, confirmed that LMFAO would be joining Madonna onstage at the Superbowl, now we’re hearing that Cee Lo Green will be performing with her at the half-time show too?

I hope he tells her “Fuck you.” What!? Because it’s the song lyrics!?!?

The first round of rumors concerning Madonna’s SuperBowl performance was that Nicki Minaj and MIA would also be onstage because of their inclusion on Madonna’s new single. But Madonna would never confirm that rumor, only saying, “I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no.”

Madonna has just released a teaser trailer for her upcoming album M.D.N.A which features Madonna, M.I.A, and producer Solveig in the studio working on her new album.

The video features top-secret behind the scenes footage of Madonna acting goofy, which is presumably staged, Madonna playing a guitar, presumable faked, and MIA being a bad-ass and telling Madonna to stop fooling around, presumable awesome.

Madonna has been doing the media rounds lately and talked about how perfect her collaboration with producer William Orbit is, which is supposed to make us want to listen to her album more. C’mon Madonna, you’re Madonna! We’re gonna buy your album regardless, people who are deaf are still gonna buy your album!

Anyways, here’s the quote: “With [producer] William [Orbit], I don’t really have a discussion. We’ve worked on stuff for so many years that we kind of finish each other’s sentences. He knows my taste and what I like,” Madonna tells MTV News.