Madonna Releasing New Single in February, Full Album in Spring

September 6, 2011 By:
Madonna Releasing New Single in February, Full Album in Spring

Madonna is in Venice trying to promote her new movie W.E., but all everyone cares about is when her new single and when the new album will be out. I mean…she’s a musician. Sing.

While speaking to Sweden’s Sveriges Television, she talked touched base on her upcoming 12th album. She said: “I’ve started a little bit of work in the studio, and then when I go back to New York, till the end of the year I’ll be in the recording studio.”

She said people expect “more good music” from her upcoming LP. “I think the first single is — I’m not sure, February, March? And then the album will come out in the spring,” Madonna added.

After her 2008 album ‘Hard Candy’ Madonna took a break to work on other projects. She tried to open an all girl’s school in Malawi, but that didn’t go well. Her charity ‘Raising Malawi’ raised millions of dollars to open the school, but it was never built.

The charity's executive director, Philippe van den Bossche, the partner of Madonna's former personal trainer, left in October after criticism of his management style and spending at the school, according to the New York Times.

"These included what auditors described as outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, office space and golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school's director," the paper said.

Meanwhile, she’s been hard at work promoting her second directorial effort, "W.E.” in Venice, Italy. She teamed up with the Weinstein Company for the project, but critics have been bashing it before its release.

Here are some of the reviews:

"What an extraordinarily silly, preening, fatally mishandled film this is. It may even surpass 2008's 'Filth and Wisdom,' Madonna's calamitous first outing as a filmmaker. Her direction is so all over the shop that it barely qualifies as direction at all…”

— Xan Brooks, The Guardian

"The script is the first problem. Co-written with Alek Keshishian, it's laden with clichés and clunky exposition from the off, with some moments drawing laughs from the Venice audience. More fatally, the structure works against what's trying to be achieved. There aren't really any similarities between the characters in the parallel stories, so the one isn't enlightened or embellished by the other…”

— Oliver Lyttelton, The Playlist

"A lot of people will loathe it, simply because it's been made by Madonna. But if they were to watch it with no knowledge of who directed, they would be pleasantly surprised….”

— Baz Bamigboye, Daily Mail

Check out Madonna's interview below...