Madonna Reveals Name of New Album and Thoughts on Lady Gaga

January 11, 2012 By:
Madonna Reveals Name of New Album and Thoughts on Lady Gaga

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show Madonna revealed the name of her 12th studio album, drum roll please....the album is called MDNA.

MDNA? That's clever; it's her name minus most of the vowels and one less "n." Eh. Also, I vaguely remember something about mtDNA from science class in the 11th grade? But Madonna probably wasn't referencing high school biology lessons with her new album title.

We now know what the album is called and the lead single is "Give Me All Your Luvin'" complete with that cutesy way of spelling "loving."

However, when is the album going to come out?

"It's soon," says Madonna, "It depends how quickly people hack in to my server and leak it. Can people wait? It's terrible."

Is she saying her album is terrible? Or that people leaking music is terrible? Either way, when Madonna's lead single was leaked online a month ago, she had it wiped from the internet in minutes and was furious. It's fair to say she hates internet piracy almost as much as she hates hydrangeas.

Seeing as this is one of Madonna's first sit-down TV interviews in a long-while, of course Graham Norton had to ask her about Lady Gaga, aka her celebrity impersonator.

"When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool. She did remind me of me back in the day," says Madonna of Lady Gaga.

That's it? That's all she has to say about Lady Gaga who basically stole Madonna's wardrobe, musical style and habit of sounding vaguely British?

Madonna is just on her best behavior because she's got an album coming out, but you know what she says about the pop star behind closed doors. Lady Gaga? I absolutely loathe Lady Gaga.