Madonna: Show Is On, Adoption Is Off

August 13, 2008 By:
Madonna: Show Is On, Adoption Is Off

There's been about a dozen rumors circulating the net about Madonna, her tour and her alleged adoption. Let's clear up the rumors once and for all!

Madge is gearing up for her much anticipated 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, which kicks off next week so she clearly has no time for a new adoption.

There were rumors going around that Madonna was going to cancel some shows due to an ankle injury but her rep denied the reports insisting, "We haven't canceled any shows, it's a full go starting on [Aug.] 23."

Her rep Liz Rosenberg added, "There are several totally untrue rumors currently floating around about Madonna. One is that she is canceling shows, canceling a birthday party, that she's adopting a second child from Malawi and that she hurt her ankle. None of these are true."

So there you have it. No canceled tours, no canceled parties, no injuries, no adoptions. Let the woman breath and do what she does best--perform!