Madonna Slams Sarah Palin, Round 2

October 10, 2008 By:
Madonna Slams Sarah Palin, Round 2

Guess Madonna wasn’t done bashing Sarah Palin the other night when she banned her from all upcoming concerts of hers. Click here

to watch Madonna tell Sarah Palin to get off of her street. In video footage of the incident posted online, she rants: "You know who could get off of my street? Sarah Palin, she can get off of my street, okay?"

She then begins singing, "Sarah Palin can get off of my street/Just get off of my street...She's not going to (Washington) D.C... I will kick her a**/Just get off of my street."

And if you still haven’t seen the first video of Madge going off about Palin, watch the video below. Madonna has a lot of rage for a 50-year old woman! What do you make of all this? Is it freedom of speech, or is Madonna making a fool of herself?