Madonna Suffers From Anxiety Attacks

March 11, 2008 By:
Madonna Suffers From Anxiety Attacks

Madonna makes performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people look easy, but the Queen of Pop admits she actually suffers from severe anxiety attacks onstage.

She says, "I have moments where I feel incredibly invincible and know that I have the audience in my hand - I know that everything is absolutely perfect.

"And then I have panic attacks where I feel like everyone is breathing my air and I cannot live up to everybody's expectations and I might just die on stage.

"I normally try to turn my back to the audience, take a deep breath and remind myself that it's all temporary. I'm not worried about f#$king up - I really have a panic attack that everyone else is breathing my air. It's hard to describe."

If you've ever been to a Madonna concert, you'd know that she rocks the house. It really is impressive how much energy she has onstage after all these years. All hail Madonna!