Madonna Talks Elton John Diss and Her New Album at Golden Globes

January 16, 2012 By:
Madonna Talks Elton John Diss and Her New Album at Golden Globes

How convenient that Madonna just won a Golden Globe about a month before the debut of her long-awaited new studio album, “MDMA.” Too convenient, in fact…Imagine I’m twirling the edges of a really long mustache as I write this.

Madonna sounded off backstage at the Golden Globes, talking everything from her diss from Elton John, her upcoming album and why her new album is inspired by football?

After she won the Golden Globe for best original song for “Masterpiece,” Elton John, who was also nominated in the category, was visibly upset AND his husband David Furnish blasted Madonna on his facebook page.

So what does Madonna have to say about Elton John? “I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He’s known to get mad at me,” says Madonna. “He’s brilliant and I adore him. He’ll win another award. I don’t feel bad.”

Madonna also talked about her upcoming album, MDNA, and says how she’s making “happy” music now with producer Martin Solveig.

“Well, I did a good majority of the album with Martin Solveig…I love his sound – it’s really fresh, doesn’t sound like anybody else’s. I would say his music is happy. It puts a smile on your face.”

However, just because she’s working with the very happy Martin Solveig, doesn’t mean she isn’t going to get down and dirty with some club ready tracks.

“Oh, yes” she says, “Lots of dancing. And cheerleaders, football players.”

What? Football players? If you say so…

Dancing must be Madonna’s new obsession. Madonna’s old obsessions include Kabbalah, Pilates, and being age-appropriate. She’s now ditched them all, in favor of dancing.

“I’m not really doing Pilates anymore. See how fickle I am. I’m just dancing. You know, dance aerobics, dancing. The best thing for your bod is dancing,” reveals Madonna.