Madonna to Collaborate with MIA and Nicki Minaj

October 28, 2011 By:
Madonna to Collaborate with MIA and Nicki Minaj

Okay, I'm actually really excited about this one. According to MadonnaTribe, a super Madonna fansite, Madonna's first single off her upcoming album will feature both MIA and Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is the reigning queen of rap music, MIA is the queen of well, being MIA, and Madonna is the original Queen of pop music. So this is the holy trinity of pop music goodness.

The three could even perform the song together live at the Super Bowl. This song will be the lead single and is apparently "cheerleading" inspired. Yes, as in pom poms and high kicks, that kind of cheerleading. Ok, I was excited...but now, not so much.

The song is co-produced by French DJ Martin Solveig and is called "Give Me All Your Love." According to another fansite called Madonnarama, the "cheer" track includes, "heavy choreography with major cheerleading action!" It seems like the song was written with the Super Bowl in mind. The site adds, "The cheerleaders are about to tumble, dance, jump and stunt while cheering some 'M-A-D-O-N-N-A" in the stadium while she sings her new song."

Is this going to be the second coming of that "Hey Mickey" song? Prove me wrong Madonna. Prove me wrong.

Sources also add that nine tracks from Madonna's new album are already finished. The album will be released in the spring of 2012 and no surprise here, is said to have a "pop dance" vibe.

The album is being produced by William Orbit who worked on her "Ray of Light" album and Martin Solveig, the up and coming producer who is responsible for the hit song "Hello" featuring Dragonette. Italian house music DJ Benny Benassi, who has worked with Chris Brown and T-pain, will also work on Madonna's new album.

This new album should be very dance-y.

According to "Madonna sources," she will have three music guests during her Super Bowl XLVI set. I'm assuming the first two will be MIA and Nicki Minaj, so who could be the third special guest? It would be too obvious if the third guest is Lady Gaga. It will probably end up being a "let down" performer like Christina Aguilera. Sorry girl, Lady Marmalade was like 10 years ago.

Madonna will play five songs at the Super Bowl but probably wont be singing her new ballad off the album. Apparently there is a ballad (Can Madonna sing those?) that is meant to be for the soundtrack to Madonna's film W.E.