Madonna "Turn Up the Radio!" Music Video

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The 53-year old’s still got it!

A video for Madonna’s new song “Turn Up the Radio” has arrived. In the clip, international pop icon escapes from the spotlight in a classy joyride through Florence, Italy.

The striking, desaturated visuals follow Madonna in slow motion as she makes her way through the sea of paparazzi to a Cadillac convertible where her driver is waiting. They take off and the singer breathes a sigh of relief and begins singing.

The lyrics following suit with the visual theme…

“It’s time that I opened my eyes / I’m leaving the past behind.”

Madonna’s first stop on her five minute music video excursion is a street corner where two street dance performers are entertaining a crowd. She grabs one wearing American flag spandex shorts and brings him along with the ride.

The song’s thumping chorus “Turn up the radio” plays over and over…

They stop for gas next, and – yup – pick up the gas pump attendants too.

Cruising through stylish and chic downtown streets, they come across some hookers – leaving their pimp in the dust - and a trio of well-dressed hitchhikers next. (By now the convertible is getting a little crammed.)

As the song starts to pick up its pace, the video flashes back and forth throughout various points in their trip until Madonna collapses, laying down alone again in the back seat.

Overall, its party girl fun with some serious talent behind and in front of the lens. Director Tom Munro helmed the project. The duo previously collaborated on her“Give It 2 Me” video.

Madonna is currently performing “Turn Up the Radio!” on her MDNA World Tour. She arrives in North America on August 28th for a show in Philly. More information on dates is available on

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