Madonna Wins Golden Globe for Original Song "Masterpiece"

January 16, 2012 By:
Madonna Wins Golden Globe for Original Song

Madonna just made her directorial debut for the romantic drama “W.E.” and also wrote the original song in the flick, titled “Masterpiece.”

Well, it was apparently an actual Masterpiece, because Madonna just nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture.

After stuttering through her acceptance speech staring with, “Um, um, um” she finally got out a long story of how she was inspired to write the song.

Claiming she was too busy directing the movie to even possibly think about writing an original song, she wrapped the film, began work on her pop-album and like magic, the song simply came to her. Nothing like writing a dance track about going to “da club” to get you inspired to write an Oscar winning song about British royals in the 1930’s.

This is Madonna’s second win, she previously won a Golden Globe in 1997 for Best Actress for “Evita.”

However, this song wont be up for an Oscar for best original song in a movie, because the Academy didn’t count it as an actual contender because the song was placed too far into the movie’s end credits to be considered for an Oscar.

Later in the show, Madonna presented an award after Ricky Gervais introduced her as a woman who is “Just ‘Like A Virgin.” When Madonna stepped onstage to present the award she joked, “If I am just like a virgin, then why don’t you come over here Ricky and do something about it.”

And then Ricky Gervais ran screaming in the other direction.