Madonna Working On Dance Track With Paul Oakenfold

April 24, 2009 By:
Madonna Working On Dance Track With Paul Oakenfold

A little horse injury can’t keep a good woman down! Madonna is in full recovery mode, and back in the studio. Between the fall, her hospitalization, and the stressful adoption process, she sure knows how to multi-task.

According to Guy Oseary’s Twitter page, which Madge likes to post on often, she was in the studio last night with DJ Paul Oakenfold.

She Tweeted, “paul oakenfold is running around the studio naked.. because i wont put the air on.. its hot in here.. but the music is hotter!!!! –M.”

And she didn’t stop with the Tweets there! A later post to her friend and back-up singer Niki Harris read: “im cooking up something good for you to sing with me on… love, M.”

Guy then regained control of his Twitter page, saying, “finally listening to the track!!!.. been waiting and waiting for the right mix.. another great DANCE track.”

The Twitter phenomenon is getting crazier by the minute. Amidst working in the studio, Madge found time to Tweet with her pal Demi Moore, telling her they needed to plan more parties. She wrote to Demi, “@mrskutcher we need to throw more parties.. and spice things up a bit.. not enough people dancing these days.. – Madonna.”

We weren’t aware Madonna partied! But we’re glad she’s being productive in the studio while she’s waiting to hear about Mercy’s adoption!