Madonna World Tour Tickets Go on Sale Right After the Super Bowl

February 2, 2012 By:
Madonna World Tour Tickets Go on Sale Right After the Super Bowl

Madonna performs at the Super Bowl this weekend, her debut video from “MDMA” premieres tomorrow, her flick “W.E.” premieres next month, and now she’s going on a world tour!

It’s like no Madonna news in nearly four years and suddenly it pours her Madgesty! I’m not complaining either, I’m singing in the rain.

Madonna had teased about an upcoming world tour and now it’s confirmed that she’s going on tour again and tickets go on sale right after the Super Bowl.

I personally am going to suffer through the athletics of the Super Bowl just waiting for it to be time for Madonna’s much buzzed about half-time performance. Then, I’ll have to stuff my face with potato skins until the game is over and ready myself for Madonna tickets to go on sale!

I’ve never been so excited for Super Bowl Sunday in my life!

Also, During the NBC Super Bowl Pre-game Show, host Bob Costas will interview Madonna prior to her Half Time performance.

While we wait for the premiere of “Give Me All Your Luvin,” which drops tomorrow morning FYI, here are some quotes about the making of the video from Megaforce, the team that directed the video.

The duo said that they were surprised to work with Madonna, MIA and Nicki Minaj and said, “It’s quite interesting that it’s a mix between these three artists. They are not a part of the same universe for us,” says Stargate, “So it was interesting to hear this mix and different kind of music.”

As for the tone of the video, Stargate says it’s “about happiness and something really sunny.”

I don’t care if it’s sad and dark and covered in rain clouds, I literally cannot wait to see this video tomorrow!