Madonna's Hard Candy Gets Great Reviews

April 3, 2008 By:
Madonna's Hard Candy Gets Great Reviews

Madonna's new album "Hard Candy" doesn't hit stores until April 28th but Attitude Magazine got an exclusive track-by-track listen and the reviews are great! Here's a breakdown of all the tracks:

1. Candy Shop

M: Ok, this was leaked and divided people.

L: The lyrics are ridiculous! I love it!

M: Some journos will probably slate it, but it's a statement and sounds much better in the context of the album. It's like an entree. It's her saying "so what if I'm 50. I still like to fuck - so fuck you!"

L: The whole album says I like to fuck, dirty bitch...!

M: The bass is bigger, but it's essentially the same as what was leaked.

L: You can so see the gays dancing to this. They are SO sticky and sweet.

2. 4 Minutes

M: This is out know so everyone knows it. We're running out of time to stop global warming.

L: I'm not sure if it's global warming. It's kind of about us saving ourselves., looking after ourselves.

M: I hope people actually pay attention. This kind of track is the point of Madonna.

L: Ok, now we're super excited because we're going into unknown territory...

3. Give It To Me

M: This is the next single. It starts bouncily, like a circus song, like the intro to The Girlie Show and becomes this ridiculously catchy sing-song.

L: It's almost like Sugababes Push The Button.

M: Really fun and playful. It's her ultimate theme song.

L: It's SO not what you expect, it's almost comedy but it's fantastic.
It'll have some amazing remixes. I love the techno at the end. I can see stroke lights!


4. Heartbeat

M: Some reviewers have said this is the big 80s pop songbut I'm not sure. It's a great album track.

L: It's calmer. It won't give you a heart attack at 8 in the morning on the way to work like Hung Up would.

M: A cool, solid song with a sweet, catchy hook...

L:...and a "See my booty get down" interlude where Pharrell goes "Woof woof"!

M: Is it? People need to woof more on pop records.

5. Miles Away

L: Oh. My. God. I LOVE this one. It's amaaaaaaaazing. Power of Goodbye...

K: ...meets Nothing Fails meets Love Profusion. It's ethereal, whimsical, guitar-heavy, mid tempo...about not being able to express yourself when you're together. It's sad and sweet and lovely.

L: Absolutely genius. Got to be huge. It’s got the great hand-clapping bit in the middle but it’s not a stomper.

M: Sort of delicate... picks you up and wafts you away on a pillow of windswept tears. (laughter) ’Were always at our best when we’re miles away’.

L: So far away...

M: So far away...

L: Let’s cry now. You would not be able to not clap along to this in a concert. Unexpectedly warming…

M: …which is a very Madonna thing to do. It sounds resigned. It makes you want to have a boyfriend so you can reject him so you can sing this song. (Cackle).

6. She's Not Me

L: J’adore this! I’m better than the competition. It’s so drag.

M: Is this the campest thing she’s ever done? ’She’s started dressing like me, talking like me and freakin’ me out. She started reading my books and stealing my looks and lingerie, what’s that about?’.

L: (Laughs) I want to dance to this now.

M: It reminds me of Thief of Hearts.

L: Disco funk. And there’s football whistles.

M: And double hand claps.

L: Any song where she repeats a word three times - like ’she was stealing, stealing, stealing’ gets me.

7. Incredible

M: This is the first one we don't really love.

L: It's not an instant melody but it could be a grower. Need to hear it again.

8. Beat Goes On

L: This is unrecognisable from the leak! It’s one of the highlights.
Total 80s disco. Xylophones, full on synths. Sort of thing you’d hear at Horse Meat Disco, an ’everybody get up and dance’ record.

M: Very 80s but not in a modern electro pop way. You think you’re listening to a Shalamar record and then Kanye