FYI: Mariah Carey Hospitalized, Kanye’s Naked Music Video

July 9, 2013 By:

Saddle up, kids. Pearl Jam is hitting the road this fall. They’re going all over the U.S. of A. (Rolling Stone)

Mariah Carey fans were on the edge of their seats yesterday when they learned their goddess dislocated her shoulder during a music video shoot. Rest assured, Mariah “is fine” now. (USA Today)

In Dallas, country singer Randy Travis has also been hospitalized. He is in critical condition, currently getting treated for acquired viral cardiomyopathy. (FOX News)

In indie rock news, Chvrches covered HAIM’s “Falling” live on BBC Radio 1. No, you shouldn’t have any doubts. It was freakin' amazing. (Consequence of Sound)

Scooter Braun says Ariana Grande’s new album is going to be “a throwback to the great R&B of the ’90s,” an era when she was literally an infant. (Idolator)

In the wake of 50 Cent’s domestic abuse charge, the rapper has canceled his U.K. tour due to “unforeseen circumstances.” (Billboard)

The Black Keys have sponsored a little league baseball team in Akron, Ohio. Take that, Justin Bieber. (NME)

Rather than his NBC comedy series “Community,” Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, will be putting most of his effort into music moving forward. (NME)

A sequence said to be Kanye West's new “Black Skinhead” music video has been the subject of a lot of Internet whisperings. But that’s just what happens when you make a computer animation of your d*ck. (Gawker)

Jennifer Lopez’s cover quote on W magazine is “I have a lot of stamina...” If you’ve seen her perform live, your response to this is: “No sh*t!” (W magazine)