Mariah and Nick Reveal 'Dem Babies' Names

May 4, 2011 By:

Dem babies are here—and they finally have names! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon just revealed their twins names. One of them is normal…the other one, not so much.

They named their newborn daughter Monroe—after her icon Marilyn Monroe because "has been an inspiration to Mariah her whole life.”

And for their son? Moroccan. I know what you’re thinking, why the hell would they name him that?

‘The Moroccan Room' is the name of the top tier of Mariah's New York City apartment because of its Moroccan-inspired decor. So basically—they named him after their apartment.

Mimi’s rep Cindi Berger said, "It has been a long, emotional journey for this family, and I couldn't be happier for all of them".

I couldn’t be happier knowing we’re not going to see painted belly photos anymore.