Mariah Carey to Remix "When Christmas Comes" with John Legend

November 7, 2011 By:
Mariah Carey to Remix

Mariah Carey is wasting no time getting on everyone’s Christmas album. After dueting with Justin Bieber on her original “All I Want For Christmas” track for his new Under The Mistletoe album, Carey is now teaming up with John Legend to remix another of her Christmas originals.

I guess Mariah has found a nice niche as a Holiday artist. Soon she’ll be churning out Easter albums and have a residency at a mall tree-lighting ceremony.

But back to the thing with John Legend. Legend, who we haven’t heard new music from in a while, will remix with Carey on her holiday song, “When Christmas Comes.”

The song was off her 2010 holiday album, Merry Christmas II You. I like the use of “II” instead of “To,” it gives it some nice urban flair.

Mariah teased a sample of the collaboration by recording a video of her driving through the snow and playing the song over her car’s speakers. I’m sorry, when I say “driving” I mean, being driven by a chauffeur. Mariah Carey’s hands never touch a steering wheel, who am I kidding? So anyways, the video plays about 30 seconds of the song and Mariah tweeted alongside, “Coming soon, a legendary musical collabo. #WhenChristmasComes Sorry for the camera work, the snow made it pip!”

This is true about the camera work; Mariah was upside down for most of the clip. But it doesn’t matter; we’re only interested in hearing Mr. Legends voice anyways.

She continues, “So…that was a snippet of the RnB Christmas collab – me & the legendary John, soon to be topping your Christmas list! P.S. It’s a SGSHW!”

If you, like me, have no idea what a SGSHW is, after a careful google search I guess it means, “Stone Groove Smash Hit Wonder” and it’s something Mariah Carey tweets all the time.

Just last week, Mariah shot the video for “All I Want for Christmas Is You” with Justin Bieber, and we know this because they tweeted about it.

“4.30am and going hard on the ‘All I Want” shoot with @mariahcarey!!” says Bieber.

Mariah, of course was also thrilled, but more so because she could shamelessly plug her Holiday album, “Happy anniversary to [my album] MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU!!! On the night we’re shooting the new “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with @justinbieber.”

I love that the Bieber shout-out is an afterthought to Mariah tweeting about her 1-year-old Holiday album. Good old Mariah, never lets me down.