Mariah Carey Working on 14th Album with Jermaine Dupri

January 27, 2012 By:
Mariah Carey Working on 14th Album with Jermaine Dupri

I thought Mariah Carey had retired from music and went into losing weight professionally and tweeting photos of her husband, but alas, the pop diva will grace us with her scale sliding vocal prowess yet again!

Now that Nick Cannon’s kidneys aren’t failing him anymore, his wife can get back to work.

Carey was back in the studio in Atlanta with her longtime collaborator Jermaine Durpri. They started working together last night and Jermaine was tweeting photos of the two, including a very camera ready Mariah Carey showing off the results of her Jenny Craig efforts.

Jermaine tweeted, “I said MC, they don’t expect you to be camera ready, she said Yes they do LOL!!” and then he tweeted a pic of Mariah looking like a teenager taking glamour shots at the mall. Hand on the hip? Check. Knee popped? Check. Head tilt, smile? Check and check.

However, it seems like the duo were working overtime, as three hours ago, Jermaine tweeted that they were STILL in the studio.

“I told y’all MC stays working longer than me we still writing #teamnosleep” he followed up the tweet with a pic of the two, Jermaine suppressing a yawn and Mariah wearing oversized glasses in the morning, which is Hollywood for “I’m tired.”

The two are collaborating on what will become Mariah’s 14th studio album. Dupri was responsible for Mariah’s hit single with Boyz II Men “One Sweet Day” as well as her comeback song in 2005, “We Belong Together.”