Mariah Carey's New Album is Inspired By Her Marriage

July 28, 2009 By:
Mariah Carey's New Album is Inspired By Her Marriage

Mariah Carey's marriage to Nick Cannon has given her a fresh outlook on life, so it's no wonder her new album would be inspired by it.

Mimi says her new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was inspired by her marriage to Nick, and all the new changes in her life.

She said: "Everything changes when you're in love. We have a connection that I've never experienced before. So that's amazing and it's something that I can't even really put into words.

"So everything that I do when I go into the studio — I mean, there are songs that are directly about our relationship. They come from the place where I'm at right now with him."

But don't expect every track to be about Nick, she added to MTV News: "There are some songs that are about years ago. There are some songs that are about old friends, stories they told me. So it's like every time I go in to write something new we go somewhere, and it's like I don't know that everybody would know that I've been through half of these situations."

Sounds like Mimi is at a great place in her life. She seems happier now then ever before, which we have to give Nick some credit for!