Mariah, Diddy, and Lil Wayne's Albums All Delayed

July 28, 2009 By:
Mariah, Diddy, and Lil Wayne's Albums All Delayed

If you were waiting with baited breath for either Mariah Carey, P.Diddy, or Lil Wayne’s upcoming albums, sadly you’re just going to have wait longer. All three of these highly anticipated albums have been delayed.

Mariah’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was first slated for an August 25th release through Def Jam. Now we’ll have to wait until September 15th for it to hit shelves and iTunes, even though we’ve already been enjoying her single “Obsessed” on airwaves for weeks.

As for Diddy, his Last Train to Paris has been delayed because of timing. In an interview with MTV last week, he said, "It’s Jay-Z time and Drake time -- enjoy those guys. But the 'Train' is coming, baby. Get your ticket, you don't want to be left out."

Finally, Lil Wayne’s next album entitled Rebirth has been pushed back again. The original release date was June 23rd. The new one, according to his label, is TBD at this point.

We know it’s summer, and they probably are just enjoying taking their time, but these are albums we’ve really been looking forward to! Let’s get a move on Mimi, Diddy, and Weezy!