Mariah’s New Single 'Almost Home' Gets Mixed Reviews

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Mariah’s New Single \'Almost Home\' Gets Mixed Reviews


Queen diva Mariah Carey unveiled her newest single to mixed reviews from critics.

“Almost Home,” the theme from Oz the Great and Powerful soundtrack, offers up a sturdy punch of Mariah’s greatest asset: her voice.

Reviewers are also touting the track as a superb example of crisp production, brought to you by the Norwegian duo Stargate.

The track comes as a relief to devoted fans underwhelmed by her previous single, “Triumphant (Get 'Em),” a collaboration with Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Still, no one is completely floored by the arrival.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Carey's new song, "Almost Home" … feels like a return to that earlier time.” —Mikael Wood, Los Angeles Times

“‘Almost Home’ is standard fare as far as soundtrack ballads go. The lyrics are blandly inspirational: ‘When you’re almost there, almost home/ Know you’re not alone,’ etc.” —Aisha Harris, Slate

“It's weaved together by a bouncing beat and bright synths, as Carey's signature vocals soar over Stargate's sparkling production work.” — Jocelyn Vena, MTV News

“The upbeat song relies on Carey’s unrivaled gifts of melody, harmony and power instead of attempting to attain street cred with guest rappers, and it’s where she shines brightest.” — Jessica Sager, Pop Crush

Listen to the track below:

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