Mariah Talks Leona

April 23, 2008 By:
Mariah Talks Leona

Everyone may be enamored with Leona Lewis at the moment, but that doesn't include Mariah Carey. She responds to people who claim Leona is the next Mimi in an interview with Observer Music Monthly.

She says, "Honestly, there has been so many, 'This is the new her,' and I'm like, 'Okay, show me the new her. Can she come and work for me and be my double?'

"And I'm not particular talking about this girl Leona, because I only heard
her once and I didn't really hear a true similarity, particularly in the
style of music.

"It is what it is and critics have compared me to so many people who are not really singers, and they're certainly not writers."

Ouch! Don't mess with the original diva!