Nick Cannon Says He Won’t Ever Duet With Mariah

March 27, 2009 By:
Nick Cannon Says He Won’t Ever Duet With Mariah

Nick Cannon may be Mariah Carey`’s husband, but he doesn’t see himself as her equal. At least when it comes to music!

Nick has been involved in Mariah’s career lately with behind-the scenes work, and that’s where he wants to stay.

Nick tells Extra, “I am not worthy of being on a Mariah Carey record. I can’t even step into the studio with that woman. She is incredible."

That’s a pretty awesome thing to say about your wife! It’s amazing that the two have already been married for almost a year already. We weren’t sure it would last, but they’ve proved us all wrong.

Speaking about his marriage to Mimi, Nick said, "First year of marriage was amazing. I'm looking forward to the second year. It’s one of those things, it went by so fast... We're proving people wrong! They said we wouldn't make it."

Nick also dished about possibly expanding their family, and how the media is obsessed with Mariah getting pregnant. He says, "We're going to do it and when we do it we're going to let you all know. But right now, we're trying to enjoy the newlywed aspect."

So cute! Speaking of Mariah having babies, she turned 39 today, so she’d better get cracking soon if she still wants them!