Ronson and Allen Make Up

December 14, 2007 By:
Ronson and Allen Make Up

The genius that is Mark Ronson has finally resolved his bitter feud with Lily Allen. Ronson was basically the brains behind Allen's debut album but the two had a falling out. But don't worry because they are friends now!

He says, "We are friends again - we've made up and everything is cool between us. I was hanging out with her on Tuesday night at (London night club) Bungalow 8 and she was very nice."

The two are so cool now that they are already collaborating together for Allen's second album and a possible duet on stage together.

He adds, "I'm blackmailing her into performing at the Brits with me. I say to her 'I knew you when' so she can't get out of it."

Mark Ronson is a musical genius and Allen has an amazing voice so working together would only be the right thing to do.