Behind the Beats: Martin Tungevaag

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Behind the Beats: Martin Tungevaag
Image By: Licht Form Arte / Michaela Kuhn

Martin Tungevaag is a Norwegian producer, songwriter, and DJ. Inspired by Remady and Klaas, he started producing his own tracks at the young age of 17. His productions and remixes spread like wildfire through blogs and streaming platforms across the web. In hopes of creating his own unique place in the DJ & songwriting world, Martin's style evolved into a mix of pop, house, and electro - augmented by standard instruments. The rising songwriter has already released roughly twenty tracks in his home country of Norway, but the international breakthrough arrived when "Wicked Wonderland" emerged and saw immediate success at radio and iTunes.

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When did you first decide music was your life?

Music became my life the day I realized that I could produce my own music. This was in 2009 and since then I have been producing music nearly every day.


What equipment do you use for production? 

I use a software called Fruity Loops 11 on my Macbook Pro.   



What's the toughest part of the DJ lifestyle and how do you deal with it?

I have no hard times in my DJ life. Maybe the traveling can be tough sometimes. But I think it's ok. I love to travel and meet new people! 


How would you describe your process of creating a song from start to finish?

The most important thing to think about when creating a new song is to complete it within a few days. I cannot keep on with the same song for weeks or months. Then I get tired of the sound and start to change things that really sounded good at first.


What’s the one song you love playing in your set right now?

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I play so many songs during my gigs that I think are great! 


What’s the one food you always include in your rider?

Baguette with cheese and ham. It works no matter what mood you are in and how hungry you are. 


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