Mary J. Blige "Mr. Wrong" Music Video

December 21, 2011 By:
Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige debuts the new video for her single "Mr. Wrong" and at 40-years-old the R&B Diva still has IT! This midtempo pop ballad is super bass-heavy and totally makes me want to gather a group of girl friends and lament over several bottles of wine coolers over why good girls love bad boys! Ladies amiright!

Also, everyone talks about how Jennifer Lopez is 42 and making a pop comeback, but let's talk about how Mary J. Blige is 40 and never really went away and still makes totally dope music AND booty pops in her music videos. Let's talk about THAT.

Blige rocks a curly blonde mohawk while she croons, "Me and Mr. Wrong get along so good/Even though he breaks my heart so bad/We got a special thing going on/Me and Mr. Wrong." In the original recording, she is assisted by the rap stylings of Drake, but this video is devoid of a Mr. Wrong, just a soul-ful Blige and group of back-up dancers.

Blige released her 10th studio album last month, "My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)" and will appear in the upcoming movie musical, "Rock Of Ages."

However, she ditches the R&B stuff in the new film to sing some classic rock.

"It's a lot of 80's classic rock that I'm singing: Pat Benatar, Journey even. It's fun," says Blige.