Mary J. Blige Demands New Toilet Seat at Each Show

April 12, 2012 By:

At every new concert, Mary J. Blige demands that event staff install a brand new toilet seat in her dressing room. This is just one of the requests that Blige has listed in her tour rider.

All musicians have what’s called a “rider”, which is a list of items they demand to have backstage at every show. For example, Nicki Minaj actually demands a bucket of fried chicken and Mariah Carey apparently once demanded white kittens and doves at her London concert, you know, normal things like that.

Aside from Blige requesting what she calls a “private toilet (with a new toilet seat),” she also asks for red vine liquorice, Aveda candles, and a loveseat that must not be made of leather.

She also asks for a tall directors chair, one “beautiful” flower arrangement, and ten medium pre-washed bath towels, she makes it clear that “small towels will not be accepted.”

Also, when Mary J. Blige checks into the hotel, she checks in under the name Mrs. Jefferson. Well, now the secret is out, she wont be Mrs. Jefferson for much longer. Also, none of Blige’s staff can stay on the same floor as her.

Oh also, the hotel housekeeping staff is told that they cannot vacuum in any rooms near Blige’s room while Blige is inside her room. Sorry everyone else.

Also, when Blige shows up to her hotel room, she must have the room temperature set to 70 degrees, a fruit basket of only green apples, and a list of take out menus in the area waiting for her when she gets there.