Matt Goss Releases New Single Evil

August 4, 2009 By:
Matt Goss Releases New Single Evil

British singer and songwriter Matt Goss has just released a brand new single on iTunes today! Entitled “Evil,” the track kicks off what will be a very busy next few months for Goss.

Coming next month is the release of his upcoming album Gossy, which will hit stores on September 15th.

But most excitingly, Matt will be beginning a Las Vegas residency at The Palms on September 4th, and the shows will run every Friday and Saturday night.

Matt told the local Fox station, “It’s truly one of my dreams to play Vegas/ You play stages, and arenas, but there’s something that magic about Vegas.”

Goss is managed by Pussy Cat Dolls creator Robin Antin, who partnered up with him earlier this year. She’s been helping Matt with the audition process, and selecting girls to dance and perform with Matt to give his show that seductive edge.

Matt says, “Well obviously with the Pussy Cat Dolls, she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

But Robin assures prospective audience members that Goss’ show will be something new. She says, “It’ll be different from the Pussy Cat Dolls in the way that Matt’s music is different and has a very contemporary kind of feel.”

To get a sense of what we can expect from the new album and the upcoming Vegas show, check out Matt Goss’ brand new single “Evil,” which came out on iTunes today. Click
here to download it and let us know what you think of the single. We're sure you'll love it!