Meet Labrinth: The UK Usher

June 8, 2012 By:
Meet Labrinth: The UK Usher

If you love every collaboration from David Guetta, if you love Usher, Chris Brown, and dream of R&B stars with sexy British accents, you’ll probably LOVE new UK artist Labrinth.

Labrinth has an electronic-meets-pop-meets-R&B vibe that will get you on your feet dancing and singing along.

Most of his songs feature a heavy electronic beat with Labrinth’s vocals and rap stylings soaring over the track.

His tour is currently sold out in the UK after his debut album “Electronic Earth” was released in the UK in April. His first single “Earthquake” featuring Tinie Tempah peaked on the Billboard charts at number 2 and his second single “Last Time” reached the #4 chart.

It’s too late to say “I liked him before he was famous,” because, well, he’s already famous in the UK, but this is our chance to like him before he becomes the next Adele.

Labrinth has also signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco and if the success of Cowell’s One Direction is any indication, Labrinth is expected to be a huge star here in the states.