Melanie Amaro Wins X-Factor: Has Four Record Deal Offers Already

December 23, 2011 By:

Last night, the first ever season of the US version of The X Factor crowned 19-year-old Melanie Amaro it’s first ever winner.

After initially getting voted off the show in the early episodes, Simon realized he made a mistake and went to Amaro’s home in Florida to ask her to return to the competition. From near miss, to fan-favorite, it was Melanie who swept the entire competition.

It was Amaro’s tear-inducing performance of Beyonce’s hit song “Listen” that proved that Melanie Amaro is what happens when Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston have a love-child, assuming that’s a thing that could happen.

When X-Factor host Steve Jones announced Melanie had won the competition she immediately began sobbing and despite Jones’s best efforts to get an interview out of her, all she could squeak out was a repeated “Oh my god.”

Her friends and family bum-rushed the stage, tackling the new X-Factor winner, then she was quickly expected to sing her winning song. Naturally the excitement and her nerves got to her, and the usually professional Amaro forgot most of the words while she struggled to sing through tears. But who could blame her!?

"I have sung 'Listen' about 1 million times, and for me to get up there and not remember any of the words...I couldn't remember anything as I was so overwhelmed,” she told US Weekly after the show.

Amaro’s prize is $5 million, the staring role in a Pepsi add that will play during the SuperBowl, and she’s reportedly already gotten four labels interested in signing her. Simon Cowell says she will make her decision today.