M.I.A. Backstage Demands Include Three Females Dressed in Full Covered Burkas

February 10, 2012 By:
M.I.A. Backstage Demands Include Three Females Dressed in Full Covered Burkas

Most pop star backstage demands include stocking the dressing with expensive wines, sparkly water and maybe something a little bit diva like “only green m&m's” or whatever, I'm sure Mariah Carey requested that at some point.

However, the newest pop diva to hit the circuit is M.I.A whose tour rider specifically states that she needs “three female extras for each show” who must wear “full covered burkas.”

Okay, before you wonder what kind of sex-slave operations M.I.A is running, let me elaborate. M.I.A uses these girls as her version of back-up dancers. According to M.I.A these girls must be “between 20 and 25 years old” and they need to have “stage presence and groove to the music on stage for the full duration of the show.”

It's a very trying gig, I'm sure, these girls have to bob their heads for the full show while wearing a full burka!

Aside from M.I.A's very specific tastes in ladies, she also demands six six-packs of Heineken beer, Mout Gay rum, red wine, white wine and Ketel One vodka. Damn, not even a chaser. Oh she also requests a bottle of absinthe. Well, M.I.A lyrics do include, “Live fast, die young, Bad girls do it well.” I guess you have to walk the walk if you're gonna sing about it.

Also, in case you forgot, or live under a rock with no TV service, M.I.A is the same artist that flipped off the audience during Madonna's half-time set at the Super Bowl. Basically, M.I.A is a bada-s.

However, MIA may have diva liquor demands but she is also “healthy,” requesting dried mangos, organic dried blueberries and a bucket of “clean” ice, whatever that is.