M.I.A. was Adorable and Awesome on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

November 8, 2013 By:

M.I.A. did a press stop at “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night. The host gushed over the electronic hip-hop artist, and she returned the favor by being unavoidably lovable.

The two delved into topics like the song “Jimmy” (which is obviously about Fallon), the proper pronunciation of her new album, Matangi,  (“mah-tang-ee”), and a rather embarrassing (a.k.a. awesome) story about M.I.A.’s first encounter with The Roots. Long story short, she walked into a glass wall and the shame still haunts her to this day.

She brushed it off, though, and was able to perform “Come Walk With Me” with help from the late night ensemble. Watch all the funness below.

The performance:

The interview:

M.I.A. will be performing at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 12th. Tickets available via Live Nation.